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Related article: Date : Wed, June 29, 2011 14 47th 0100 42 From: tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject: Brief Encounters Chapter 76 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate iMagination and therefore able to create our own fantasies are often based Friends and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written Nude Lolita Models pages works! Nifty require a text file so that if the formAtting or punctuation go turn the tide, now I know why ! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** Chapter 76 - Singing in the Rain desperate hope that does not look as awkward as he crawled Martin " HHMM Oh.. Hi, Mom. "felt in the kitchen, her mother busy at the sink. " Oh, so you awake?" She turned, smiled and returned to the pool. " Yeah, ummm.. I... I.. " Preplanned excuses his mind he dried and instead started, with water heater as a means of distraction violin, only to No release the top of the tile floor. " butterfiesnger. "She smiled. " Bring him here and I wash, could with a cup anyway. "War that some form of action, was sure to be the condition that have been n and what he did. His tail straight miraculous once in these difficult circumstances, rubbed offer jeans uncomfortably raw, such as walked clumsily over the top. Without doubt, one of them should say something soon, it was more and more nervous by the second. " I'm the kettle " a hand reached for his shoulder," we have n a little chat. So instead of the things that you go to the room and sit I'll bring the tea in " weak feeling much that briefly closed his eyes and nodded. Pray that control of his emotions, he went to the salon and sat on the couch, only to notice the amount of your jeans were still shops. Waiting for the noise in the kitchen, he slipped his hand the front of the jeans, and succeeded his uncontrollable body back into short drops to reduce excess weight. " Now we're here, to the top! " by putting the tea tray on the table in front of them, Susan was sitting at with him, with the movement to accommodate his cock felt her panties free accent , in a wedge of the joints. After pouring two cups of tea sat Martin and looking back with horror in his pants bulging again felt the arm around his shoulder. It was not, as he claimed that since the fall of his stepfather, Frank, who often have shown affection for each other. is only that he was confused in these circumstances, and have prefers a man speak of his mother. " Love, you know, I'm going to this as hard as you... " that break and blinked, was calm and in ruins, "Oh God, I his father was here. " " Yes "was the dry mouth. Coming up, took her hand. "Mom, you say... wot think I do not care what it is. " " You know, I have to have seen this evening, if he slept," n end said them, Cleare"Is, and, and what they did, obviously, ". throat d " Hmm.. " seemed mortified to the earth ", then you have to see... that vi.... oh," ' All. " she pressed. "I saw today, I saw you're a man very young so now... so.. can we talk like adults, then? " N " I guess. " He swallowed. That was terrible. Everything had been on the screen five-inch hard childhood cum stained underwear. Why has not the father of her s. " You see, love... I do not really know what they do in private.. Bedroom " " WOT? " Stammered very surprised. "You do not ? " " No, not really. Only in this way because they do not come to any harm, and" she stopped him, "and as long as you can keep up with clothes ! " surprised by the comment that he looked up and saw her smile. She always had a sense of humor, this time is certainly broken the ice. " Mom! " " Listen, talk like adults, do not forget I was married to , so I know a little Nude Lolita Models about what men want to do, y. " This was the last thing that the intentiong to hear, he did stop and is ignored. " No, no, let me finish, Martin, if you can. That's not easy for me, is a working parents. " " Mom.. I know.. I know. "seemed almost guilty to talk to the n to him. "However, this could help explain why did not scream cried. " " Oh, why ? " Martin asked slowly, so the revelation was to come. "You know, Uncle Roger is my younger brother, right? " " Yer, it's a laugh. " Martin nodded. " Well, if Roger was almost of age, had the room next door. " They suddenly smiled and shook his head, almost laughing. " WOT 's Mom? " Martin has always been confusing, but when this was going n and what was so funny. "sorry love," he insisted.. " I did not laugh, but it is fun But it was very uncomfortable for me at that moment I remember that the father had a word " n "with him. WoT was? WOT mother are you? "Martin was confused, because actually no sense. " Well, the walls of this houses so thin that it was not much of a I guess you know what happened from the bedroom when Roger got way home Nude Lolita Models from school! " " Oh fffffuu... oh my god! "As if a switch had been thrown Martin bright red. " WOT.. Mom.. so you can listen... " " No, no, I can not love, "he hugged her again," I am making the point of my ​​own funny way, that my parents did, not dirty sex is n of course. And I guess their age, like Roger, is a big part of the grow. " Martin N visible wince. They sat in silence for a few seconds, n to finally resist, could not. " Mom, what WOT is to tell your dad to it? "N " I do not really remember, a little calmer about it too much, and that it was unfair that his sister should be subjected to certain noises ! " " Oh. I can see that. 'S Martin blushed again, unable to consider every creak of the bed with her ​​older sister heard. " But seriously love to help," he said, releasing him and to raisethe couch. "If I say, I wonder which would be helpful if, when an interview with Roger? I'm sure, in fact I think you would like to kind of surrogate father, was always two children and instead two girls ! " " I 've never thought about how the HHMM.... " final food for thought indeed. At his age, Martin was hard to lose a the father figure, and finally, it makes it sound like Roger easily understand Martin preoccupation with sex. And then there was the issue the other kids, never have the courage to talk about that aspect of its growing pains n it? "Well, I could not imagine more beautiful by someone you think of one. Now I have tea. " Began to rise. "Oh, but there is still a very important thing. " "What is that? " N "Will you promise me that you're not a girl in trouble or anything n so? " Clean the back of his hand across his face, Martin grinned. " Mama did not no girl in trouble I promise. " " Well, now, " he toldant forward and kissed the top of the head, "only go you have to remember to change the sheets on the weekend ! " " Oh, Mom! " home tracks mood Nigel was as gray as the clouds. Jokes about s to go home was one thing, but the truth is that he feared in the face of his mother, no matter how effective in the Tizer is disguising his uniform. Knowing, deep down, that would be the appearance probably enough to caress turn begged not to be terrible home. ot realizing loving response that Martin had received no, never Nigel in the month on Sunday even remotely similar experience can imagine n of either mother or father busy hands free. The closest I had come to the discussion sensible adult about your feelings had to admit, kind of father who had him as his father's own relationships never last little more hope. With about 400 meters from the goal of making their own way, began to , the dragHeels hoping to avoid confrontation wrong. However, shortly before his nerves and total n are under outgoing George W. Bush remained large spots of rain began to down slowly. He looked at the darkening sky, he wondered, if there ever one God, and if so, why would not help him in his very desperate hours of need! It was only a few seconds later earned a to respond. If there was a regular church-going, he was thinking that maybe his prayers were answered really Without warning, a deafening thunderclap sounded, heralding a enormous ray which fell on the leaden sky, which is an n color defective light blue in the afternoon. A little scared by strength of the storm Nude Lolita Models approaches crouched under a bush in front of n to realize that it was no doubt look back on the dark sky. Maybe there was a God and your prayers in the process of have been answered, as the sky is literally open to productsUCE bust like a cloud of which had never seen. In seconds, sidewalks and gutters became small rivers, rain in all the leaves fell and soon entered the foliage of their shelter. Now wet, finally fell to him, which was the release of his s. Almost weeping with joy, took his backpack and ran a was in the rain and lightning and thunder rumbled in the sky all. Absolutely soaked to the bone, deserted street dance, he his way home, everyone was so often to make sure I was as wet as s could get! He came looking for home looks like a drowned rat, unaware his mother sent him to the previous disasters that his uniform had once seen change. Soon the clothes in the laundry basket and sent Nigel hot bath! But of course, would not be complete without a bath Nigel obligatory round of self -abuse, but three times higher cum the afternoon ! And then there was Ian upfinal ignominy of being n trapped by his mother with only his semen in her underwear fiction, such as kind that actually belonged ! Desperate as he was concerned prim and proper manner, they will face, it seems ironic that go with the lightning out of thunder, maybe it was the right time to put in a gig! There were two points that Ian had been set his mind that he will not admit. First, in Nude Lolita Models some way had to the message, which like other children, he masturbated and not as a terrible sin. N The second place exclusively for your pleasure with your new fetish, decided that he would return to the missing had to use Brief To his great surprise of his arrival in the kitchen was greeted by a completely neutral the reaction of his mother. Nothing was really said in all others some comments about the terrible storm in the garden and the amount needed by the water must have thought that there must be some comments, but small in what had surprised him while he was in his room. The only conversation was the paperback edition of James Bond that he had borrowed, which is close to was pretty useless, the main theme of raising himself, he in your room with the book. Lying in bed, but she turned the book and was soon absorbed in the second chapter, when a blow to the company door was broken concentration. "Hello. " Lost in the world of James Bond, the relevance of the company by calling s first and only lost sight of his father's feet took him gently, \\ \\ not make sense. "What is that?" Nevil smiled and pointed to the book. " Oh, James Bond," said Ian put the book in bed next to him, "father lent it to me. " " Someone at work, I guess. " "I think so. " said he sounds very happy. Then surprise Nevil referred to the side of the bed. "You're going to sit father? " " Uumm, yes. " Nevil was released easily relaxed attitude of Ian, if there are n was perfectly clear, bOTR of them why he had appeared. Ian, bolstered by its new independence slipped into bed to do room and enjoy the sense of the letter attached to it in his pants n and the fact that his father did not know none of them! "Mom thought it would be another mmm, chat with you. " " Oh, I understand. Another? " He smiled innocently. N Determined to assert that it was no longer a child was mentally Ian prepared for the occasion. Nevil, however, having avoided All these conversations between father and son are just that much more complicated than Ian and began to wish he had addressed the issue a few years above \\ \\ n " Yes, she told me that he had HHMM.. " he paused. "I'd seen that had just pulled a" Ian was terribly embarrassed to speak in this way n his father, but in On the other hand, it seemed the only way open the conversation. odd enough in another sense, it was very exciting. "Dad, I was fifteen I n all children.. , a lot! " " Yes, I know" Nevil seemed flushed, " I like it. " " and his dad, "not at all look at Nude Lolita Models his face that gave the coup the grass. " Dad, I think it was good, right ? " " HHMM Well, of course. " Nevil looked even redder now. " However, the mother of his s, who do not understand these things, no brothers or not. " " I know the father, but you can not explain a bit about it? How wot do kid, right? You know you're not? "Ian was amazing in the power of his s own application. " It's nothing dirty or it is? " " No, no, no. However, " Nevil began to feel he was the culprit Party, definitely take time for him, nettle," but said he was very surprised that you are in what seemed a very drawn n HHMM is, how I can say.. stained very black underwear and asked where come from? " " Ah.. " Ian stopped short, as the aspect of shame result. " What was that then? "Began to inside the underwear Ian sticky semi- erect penis to shrivel. Nevil had played the trump card. Had to be fair, something he never intended to mention. But sneaky way it was, it seemed the only way to get back at the top. Ian coughed their brains shaken a plausible excuse. " Someone... that HHMM, mixing clothes.. while we were in the gym " tried to convince, " there was no time to sort all so it was what going on. " " strange to do. " Nevil looked confused. N " So who were the clothes on Enter, then? " "I think it is art.. " He looked around the corner. "Behold, pants there? " " Oh yes, I understand. " Nevil Rayados head, " So you're still so in this Youth Art underpants ? " \\ \\ N Ian shrugged and closed his eyes briefly just feels a steady hand in the leg. " Ian, listen. " Some of his memories were revived Nevil then as a father. " I do not want this to work, but it seems as if enjoy using them. So I do not think we should at least giveclean again ? " " Dad I'm sorry, I have no intention of talking so... "And slowly looked up. " Okay. " Ian nodded in admiration. " and clothes? I think you should. " " Yes "He smiled weakly. He dared not admit that much of the art would be to estimate the number of new spots," You're right. " " Now I know do not talk much and it's my fault, we must. " Nevil was n and put a hand on his shoulder: " Even I remember I was fifteen years very confusing to s, so if you have any problems, please come and talk, the mother of n would not know. " " You do not ? "Ian smiled more than happy to finally have a father s actual raises his hand and his hand touched his shoulder. N " All I want to talk. " " Dad, but Mom and WOT on these items and that ? " " Tricky "he smiled. " I'll try to talk to her and that at least only going to comment on the clothes! " "Daddy! "Ian blushed. " Well, " went to the door, " now to change and put all that doing dirty thingswn for a wash. " ", is ready for tomorrow? " " I can not doubt it. If you have any other clothes and your friend Art must be other things also have to do it. " Friday dawned bright and clear. The air was cooler due to storms away, had a lot of cool, in fact, the clothes, art, sun the morning. in ignorance of the complexity of the mysterious ritual of washing, which was n under the misconception that the clothes he had exchanged with Ian would be to be returned in perfect condition, very early. Therefore, he had been , Wolsey 's writings throughout the night, during which time more impregnated with two loads of sperm and bought a couple of points , where exploratory anal wiped digits. Disappointed fact not lose any weight as a miracle of the night, he found pants still are not many possibilities of fixation. a band is called and after much surfing an old striped elastic strap with a S "" Close. was the lastbe used when he was nine, but , but they are overwhelmed, it was the only service option and press. As long as the Blazer joined the difference that to hide the top of the fly is not met, and hides his scruffy T-shirt in the skin written Wolsey did not think it looked so bad. Ignoring pants is a good inch too long buttoned his jacket and put his hand in his pocket in order to , reveals his erect penis half out of the crisis written n only search will be rewarded in the lining of a hole. His finger s soon as the friction at the tip of the tail through the hole, given the restriction access into her panties, she smiled to herself, came down the stairs to think Ian breakfast could have done the same thing I n only a few hours before. enough mother tea time evaded prosecution of the former in the afternoon after meeting his semen on the jeans, he was not sure. After immediately noticed and guess what adorns the front of the stain of Art jea ns was probably Ted faces a dilemma. If warning of Art n and restart the internal struggle and the relationship between art and its mother were just right to decide amicably to preserve peace. He chose the try to play not to lose sight of matriarchal art seem a little that can be difficult, especially with Simon, who saw it all as joke and a joke about it. Running Nude Lolita Models the risk of this option and thought with some harsh words in his ear type, in fact very hard. because was not a trace of humor in his immediate castration threat is passed is of his mother, is art at all, never even consider public opinion as it once was the point to fully and completely. All, however, was last night and today was a new day. late, as usual, went into the kitchen with full buttoned his jacket questioning immediately attracted the eyes of Simon and his mother. In view The look on his face, Simon quickly realized that discreteion was best part of the s of value, and maybe not make jokes about or enter appearance in the aroma, the kind of movements appeared. Surprisingly, Linda cum collected in the subtle hint of unwashed genitals teen solidification, which combined with the horrors of the included panties nasty indeed very memorable. While bumbled in the kitchen, it was quite obvious that some very improbable plan was in the Nude Lolita Models process of art is slipped inside chaotic world, full of adolescent sexuality. The remote world which all subscribed children, where they could easily be removed from the realities of life at home or at school. from the previous evening events Simon had a pretty good idea of what approaches, despite knowing nothing about the tape had fun I think it never descends to the pants in the school. Linda was bewildered and not , not a finger in her actions or appearance and with time, would not only start askiQuestions ng front of Simon. Only when art had picked up her purse and n of the door with Simon in tow, headed to the bus, he noticed that n was the pants, which annoys. It looked good. for One thing you almost have seen an increase in them, and suddenly appeared in I have more in the leg. Martin did not stop to think about the joys of Nigel the meat from the night before and was excited to wait on the doors of the school of your arrival. Such thoughts, of course, caused a erection that seemed constantly in danger, his fertile mind eaten by the fantasy of leaving almost no chance swollen member decay. It certainly was not helped by the events of yesterday if not able to leave him alone, he had to masturbate in the bathroom, slipped by the n twice during the night. Then, just before falling into the a deep sleep, made the discovery that the latch with your fingers forcingIng his cock through the crack next to it the thumbs become a substitute for all good for a tight sphincter ! Made with a lot of saliva lubricating oil of the dribble of sperm third this afternoon at the top of the daily grind activities. " Well, how do you d '? " Martin was quick to Nigel seconds after walking through the heavy iron door. " Not well. " Grimaced Nigel and looked at some of the other guys come though the doors, n many with their hands in their pockets after match with the same on the bus. Martin had to fly a hand in his pocket, and all signs of a tent match. "Come yer. " " Yes, but it works at all? " Martin followed him over a low wall near input the science block. "The Tizer and" ".. Something like " " WOT you mean this guy? " " Well, it fucking rained, did not ? "Nigel began to laugh not keep up the pretense, no more. "Like a bath with me clothes! Was soaked it was everything I had screwed up in the washBleeding out! " " Damn ! I spose you're right, it was a hell of a storm. They were that? " " Yeah, I got wet ! Could fucking drank Tizer " " Fuck the fucking Tizer "Martin took a break, had to refrain from Nigel grab in public, his voice was a whisper. " You are, I want fuck you again! " " would not mind. " almost fully erect, Nigel knew that had begun in the light of the excited Martin lump has been trying unsuccessfully to hide. Looking around to see who elbow Martin seeking his attention pull your own situation effort led to pressures for flight to it. shit " Oh! Right? "Martin took a deep breath. " When? " " Bloody, bloody right now! And I know someone who had to stand fucking love of her little tight ass ! We could do a threesome! " " art? "Martin smiled. " How I can know? " " Probably " because yer cocks are about the same size! In any case, it is the weekend , ' because we have other important thiNGS is not it? " " We? WOT is? "It was Martin against Nude Lolita Models the wall and put both hands in his pockets in an attempt to to manipulate your erection to be not so obvious that short, the bulge in his pants seemed out of proportion. " in that I think we should fast one in the class at some point have today! "Nigel smiled. " The sooner the better, or that are running in me pants ! "Martin replied that he feeling the beginning of a wet spot. What 's hot this weekend, then? " " Well, silly fool, that's the weekend, is not it? Everything will be events in the fuckin ' shed on the allocation of Sunday afternoon with you with a second form of small companions. you are our spyware and can not fuck out of it! "Nigel gave him a pat on the shoulder. " Oh, shit ! "Martin was horrified. It will be" How could I forget ! " " I masturbate too much respect ` Come get in before the bell. Like all that your little friend there with your finger and fuck not? you know, sometimes I could just property located in a finger, or that Tom Alex and masturbate 'em off! " " is WOT I'll do ! " " Oi! " As soon as they saw a rather stylish about the breath up. " It's almost damned finals. "Nigel smiled. 'What 's going on? " N "The bloody cross some damn bus damn few fall to ' accident or fucking what! " Type sound as nervous as it looked. "This You have seen Ian? " " A nice place. " Martin was able to keep a straight face. "Ian, no, I do not, not yet. Why? " Said Nigel, as the bell began to ring n ". Why is all buttoned up then? " " Oh, fuck the bell," said the art. "Well, my clothes have been convicted is not s that ? " " WOT? " Nigel did not respond to the ringing in Nude Lolita Models your ears to hear. " in it? " " Oh, shit, let loose in this way and I` ll tell you. " with art in the principle of giving an expletive mounted, if not maimed statement by Ian had his clothes, she began to walk a little lethargic n in the direction of the main hall and the most useless ritual of the morning meeting. # # ######################################## Chapter 77 to follow
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